What you do not know yet

On May 4th, we festively opened another Bambas Art Bags shopping gallery after Český Krumlov, in the town of Mariánské Lázně in Hlavní třída (Main Street) 228. This is how we finally gained dignified premises for our originals in this beautiful town, where we can present the entire portfolio of our creation. In addition to this, we will be presenting significant painters, sculptors and designers in a part of this premise. Currently, there are the exhibitions of the paintings and sculptures by Tonda Kašpar, an academic sculptor, and the minimalistic handbags made by Mrs. Marcela Kotěšovcová. If you come to visit this spa town, feel free to visit our new gallery as well.

Even men feel the need to distinguish themselves, to be original. That is why we prepared for them, under the Bambas Art Fashion label, a patent protected, endless line of artistically timeless leather ties, which are hand-painted, either with authors‘ motives from the workroom of our studio or with copies of world painters. Every tie is a unique artistic piece, which is signed by the name of the painting’s author. Bambas Art Fashion – ties that are to be inherited.

Are you talented at arts and painting? Do you love colours and the scent of skin treated by natural groin? Do you have fantasy and are you looking for new creative horizons? Call us. We are in search of external coworkers – painters for our studio.

We are also looking for a female shop assistant for the Bambas Art Bags shopping gallery in Mariánské Lázně.

The company Lera s.r.o., that posses four shops in Mariánské Lázně, has not been our business partner since March of this year anymore, and they are currently only selling out a very narrow portfolio of our creation. This is why the new types of handbags with new designs, shoes, purses and others are to be found in our newly open Bambas Art Bags shopping gallery in Mariánské Lázně, in Hlavní třída (Main Steet) 228. You can not go wrong. We are completely different.

Within a short time horizon, we will also introduce further new products in the Bambas Art Bags department. Join us and love surprise like we do!

For a very long time, we have not only been searching for the suitable material for the idea of artistic leather ties and bow ties, but first of all for a partner to cooperate with us on that idea. Some amount of time is always necessary to go from the idea itself to its realization. Our probation period was very intense, first of all thanks to the company HEDVA ČESKÝ BROKÁT, that has lent their know how to us. This company, dating its tradition back to 1890, experienced in the field of ties, bow ties and other products, has provided our studio with their sewing workrooms, technologies and key information, necessary for our creation. This is how a common project came up, in which the artistic leather ties and bow ties will become original accessories for both men and women. In this connection, we prepared complete suits with a uniting design and model varieties. Also by these products, we are ready for solution and realization of individual requests and your needs. Soon enough, you will find these artistic gems in our Bambas Art Bags galleries in both Český Krumlov and Mariánské Lázně, as well as in the representative premises of the company HEDVA ČESKÝ BROKÁT in Prague, in the street Na Příkopě 16.

To our production,  we keep adding new original models and designs, that have acquired a great deal of respect from comtemporary painters as well. Martins Lovers, an artist living in the South of France, is the proving this. He provided our studio, as the only one, with the right to reproduce his paintings on the canvases of our handbags, with the signature of his name. This is a big honour to the artistic qualities of the artists of our Bambas studio.

Our business partner in Prague is the Kožešiny Kubín shop („Kubín furs“) at the address Vítěžná 12, Prague.