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The leather parts for unique paintings of our artists are made of the highest quality beef leather, that is treated with natural groin. The bodies of all handbags of the BAMBAS studio are made of selective face leathers of Italian provenance, as well as original fittings and lining materials – those are Bambas Art Bags – a love that lasts for a lifetime.

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A designer handbag of a spatular shape; that is where its name – Scapula the large, comes from. Elegant, anatomical (its shape sticks naturally to the hip), but first of all, timeless with a big front surface for surprising artistic announcements. The handbag closed by a zip, a large zipped pocket on the back side, inside one side pocket. A long, adjustable belt (the handbag may be worn crossed).

Width: 29 cm Height: 34 cm Depth: 7 cm

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We will be glad to prepare our product for you according to your wish. The prices of the originals made this way on order do not differ from the prices of those, that are to be delivered within 5 days. Time of delivery of the ordered product is between 6 and 8 weeks. If you are interested in anything more, please feel free to ask us: