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The company BAMBAS was established in 1990 and has been designing handbags and other leather products since 1991.
After 7 years research work Atelier BAMBAS developed a new technology for making handbags. Because of this new technology BAMBAS handbags are very different than other handbags.
Every handbag is an artistic original even if the motive be repeated because of customer´s preference.

The handbags are made of special calf´s leather with a special genetic code, for this reason every piece of leather is an original. All bags are handmade from 90%-95% and even leather which is used for bodies of handbags is painted by hand and the high quality is ecologically controlled.

The company BAMBAS disposes of 5000 basic graphic motives.
The design of handbags satisfies conservative women as well as extravagant women who prefer espressionistic artistic motives.
Because in both cases we talk about artistic work, the value of handbags is timeless. Because of these properties some of handbags have had their place on list of still asked handbags for 10 years.

They are always different, because they are simply original. In the handbag from BAMBAS every woman will find a friend for life.