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The products of the Bambas studio are characteristic not only by their perfect artistic sophistication of every detail, but also by their fixation techniques and protection of artistic parts, as well as by the selection itself and following processing of the highest quality cheek leather of Italian provenance, lining materials and particular handmade components of the fittings. This is valid for the whole of our creation’s portfolio. Why „creation“ and not „production“? There is a very simple answer to this question. We do not produce, because we create. From hand painting, through protection technologies up to sewing, our team does create. We are creating timeless masterpieces for you, that are no subject to any trends or dictation of concrete colours. We have extended our offer for you by the „Shoes“ section; in the „Bambas Art Fashion“ section, you will find hand-painted leather ties and bow ties. We are solely using leather in the „BIO“ quality for the creation of these accessories and shoes. With these new products with unique designs, we have sent out a completely clear and understandable signal to you – the BAMBAS studio is unmistakable. If you are looking for artistic originality, creativity of ideas and exceptional quality, then you are at the right place.

The products shown below are available on request or for delivery in 6-8 weeks.
To see the products in stock, please visit our new Bambas Art eshop.


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