About us

Ladislav Bambas – he gave his name to the original leather products back in 1991 already.

Hundreds and hundreds of hours of his work in tanneries and laboratories have brought an immense success in the form of the invention of applying colours on leather. The art originals, generated by this method, connected with following fixation and technological modification received a certified patent from the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic. This technology is an integral part of the creation of the BAMBAS studio and is constantly being improved in new product lines following the motto: „We can, because we know.“

In 2009, he purchased the company BAMBAS studio, which made him the sole owner of the designs and types of all sorts of products, that had been created in this studio since 1991 until the half of the year 2009. Since some of those original models and designs are also being used by another company, and they become their copies; our friends will find this additional labeling on the originals of the BAMBAS studio on individual products of the entire portfolio – Bambas Art Bags, Bambas Art Purses, Bambas Art Shoes and Bambas Art Fashion. The handbags, purses, shoes and accessories labeled in this way are the guarantee that you truly possess the originals created by the team of the BAMBAS studio. Ladies and gentlemen in the USA, Japan, Russia, France, Italy, Slovakia, Austria and other countries, the Czech Republic included, have fallen in love with the creations of this studio. The handbags made by our studio have not only been dedicated to the wives of the presidents, but also to significant female artists and politicians, including an amazing woman with Czech roots, Madeleine Albright.

The BAMBAS studio cooperates with many artists and designers, who inspire the strongest emotions in women by way of their art. One for all, it is necessary to name a great fashion designer and artist, Mrs. Marcela Kotesovcova. Her original designs are timeless and support the extraordinary character of the studio’s creation by its comprehensive form.

The leather parts for unique paintings of our artists are made of the highest quality beef leather, that is treated with natural groin. The bodies of all handbags of the BAMBAS studio are made of selective face leathers of Italian provenance, as well as original fittings and lining materials – those are Bambas Art Bags – a love that lasts for a lifetime.

The softest kidskin linings, the best orthopedic and hygienic insoles sucking sweat away, perfect under leathers for insoles, all of this magnified by original design and patent protection, those are Bambas Art Shoes. With Bambas shoes, you are always one step ahead.

Logical and synoptical arrangement of inner spaces, perfect sewing and processing of every detail, perfect protection with an unmistakable identity, those are Bambas Art Purses – an artistic leather jewel in your palms.

Kandinsky, Miro, Chagall, Klimt, Mucha, Rousseau, Gauguin, Picaso, Gogh…it is an endless row of world artists, whose masterpieces are being perfectly transfered to the skin of the handbags, purses and shoes, by the great designers of the BAMBAS studio. Each original, that comes to the world by heart, mind and hands of these Czech masters, has its face, identity, its soul and first of all its name, which it bears on its way to you. Just like each woman is a unique original on her way. She has her own scent, hair colour, thoughts and her own depth of passion, just like the unmistakable original of the BAMBAS studio. I believe that sooner or later, your paths will cross. It is a love that lasts for a lifetime, that will keep you young forever.

I would like to thank every woman for this relationship and the trust she has in the BAMBAS studio. Welcome to our family.

Yours truly, Ladislav Bambas